Our values

We base our work on the following values.

1. Complex ideas, plain English

In all of our work, we apply the highest standards of research and report writing. We communicate in plain English, avoiding academic language wherever possible. We believe that a complex idea, communicated simply, is the most powerful way to articulate impact.

2. High quality for every budget

We believe that any client, no matter how small, has the right to the best quality service. We work with micro organisations of one or two people, through to government agencies which employ thousands. We believe that we can work out a solution for a client’s problem within pretty much any sized budget.

3. Being the best

We are amongst the best in the country at what we do. We have enough degrees and postgraduate qualifications to clutter several proud parental mantelpieces. We believe it is our job to be the best, so that we can offer the best solution for each client.

4. Depth and breadth

We bring a depth and breadth of intellectual capabilities to bear on every problem. This means that clients can come to us on Mondays for a new business plan, on Tuesdays for an impact evaluation, on Wednesdays for a financial model, Thursdays for a policy submission and Fridays for all of the above.

5. Solve the problem

We do not try to fulfil our own agendas through the project. We believe that our clients hire us to solve the problem, so that is what we do.