From time to time, we are invited to do presentations and the like.  We will upload them here whenever we can, under creative commons.

If you do use any of our resources, it would be very lovely if you attributed us and included a link to our homepage.  Thanks and enjoy.

Collecting evidence: top tips for qualitative and quantitative research (1.5 MB PDF)

Jackie was invited to give this presentation on 20 August 2012 to non-government organisations which work with the Victorian Department of Education on partnership projects in schools.  The Department promotes her evaluation work with Arts Centre Melbourne as best practice.

What is Appreciative Inquiry? (PDF)

We are often asked about the various types of evaluative approaches.  We will try to summarise them from time to time here.  We have started with Appreciative Inquiry, because that was the one we were most recently asked about at the presentation Jackie gave in Melbourne to arts organisations.