Past work

Here are some examples of our current and past work. For more information about any of these projects, please contact us or follow the links below.


Product development and market testing for a leading national arts education provider

We are currently working with one of Australia’s premier arts education providers to develop a new product and service line. We are conducting business modelling, market intelligence research and product / service development.

Financial modelling for the potential expansion of a national visual arts organisation

We developed a financial model for a leading national arts organisation considering expanding. We created an adjustable financial model and researched expected costs and possible revenue streams. The organisation is using this information in its critical decisions about the next five years.

Business planning workshops for creative entrepreneurs at the Information and Cultural Exchange

We designed and delivered a business planning workshop for eight creative business entrepreneurs in residence at ICE in Parramatta, western Sydney. We also provided one-on-one business coaching to the entrepreneurs as follow-up to the workshop.

Brand benchmarking research for Merrigong Theatre Company and the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre

We are working with the Merrigong Theatre Company on a market research project to understand ticket buyers brand perceptions and the impact on ticket sales and brand connection.

Business coaching for a regional physical theatre and education company

We are coaching the executives of a regional physical theatre company. This involves business mentoring, sales and business development coaching and product and service development. So far we have seen a financial turnaround in the company’s bottom line and projected sustainability, and a significant increase in staff retention.

Philanthropy for Sydney Symphony

From March to December 2013, we raised $150,000 in philanthropic funding for Sydney Symphony. This represented a return on investment for the company of 12:1.


Industry consultations for Arts Victoria’s arts and culture strategy

We facilitated roundtable consultations with more than 60 artists and art sector representatives for Arts Victoria as part of the development of an arts strategy.

Research and industry consultations for the Asialink Arts Cultural Engagement with Asia project

We conducted forensic data research into Australia’s cultural engagement with Asia and facilitated five roundtables with about 60 artist and organisational representatives. The research was used to produce a seminal research report on cultural exchange with Asia, launched in November 2013.

Artistic vibrancy

Jackie’s research for the Australia Council for the Arts into defining, measuring and reflecting on artistic vibrancy has been used by agencies across Australia and internationally. We are currently working with the Australia Council to update the framework and create new tools for arts organisation.

Research into political, economic, social, technological and international trends for the inaugural Australia Council for the Arts Strategic Plan

The Australia Council for the Arts is Australia’s leading government funding agency. In 2013, we conducted an in-depth and large-scale research project for the agency to prepare its five year strategic plan. Throughout 2014 we have been working with the agency to develop its strategic framework and sector engagement.

Design Out Crime Consultation Report

We wrote the Design Out Crime report, encapsulating the results of a survey and interviews with 100 community members in the crime hotspots of Wagga Wagga.  This is a Wagga Wagga City Council project, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Skills audit of film school students for the games industry

Yen conducted an audit of skills for the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). This was used in AFTRS planning for education program delivery.

Business plan appraisals

We analysed over 30 business plans for the Australia Council for the Arts. We reviewed businesses’ governance, financials, risk, marketing and development plans. Our appraisals were used in funding decisions.


Enterprise Connect Creative Industries Innovation Centre

We completed a detailed analysis of the Australian creative industries, based on data collected by the Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC).

You can view the forensic reports which summarise our findings here.

Our other work for CIIC includes a data framework for the CIIC business advice program and an evaluation of the CIIC business advice and funding program pilot.

Evaluation of the Arts Centre Melbourne Play Me, I’m Yours street pianos project

We evaluated the Play Me, I’m Yours street pianos project which took place over summer in Melbourne and surrounds and reached more than 400,000 people. Our evaluation included surveys, social media reviews and interviews with community participants, donors to the project, opening night performers, the creative team and the general public.

To read the Executive Summary, click on the flipbook below.

Evaluation of the Red Room Company’s Unlocked poetry program in prisons and its School Poetry Education program

We are developing a suite of evaluation tools for the Red Room Company to evaluate its impact on the participants in its creative literacy and poetry workshops. We have created surveys and interview protocols with poets, inmates, teachers, Department of Correctional Services staff, and students.

Evaluation of the NSW Health HIV/AIDS and Related Programs ‘Connie’ Project

We are working with Rooftop Trust to evaluate the impact of the public awareness program ‘Connie.’ The program is an innovative arts program run in conjunction with youth and community centres in the Illawarra region, to engage young people with safe sex strategies and sexual health issues.

Evaluation of the WestWords program

We are working with the Blacktown City Council and the University of Western Sydney to develop a self-evaluation tools for the WestWords program. This is a cultural engagement program in western Sydney to connect children with the benefits of literature and finding voice and identity through storytelling.

Evaluation of the Museum of Contemporary Arts C3West program

We are evaluating the MCA’s C3West projects impact on communities, businesses and arts practice. The program is designed to create innovative and engaging, participatory art models with western Sydney communities, councils and business partners. These have included the Ultimate VIsion project at Hurstville Westfield and the Michael Tuffery project at Airds on the Upper Georges River, western Sydney.

Evaluation of Opera Australia’s Indigenous community project in Alice Springs about the stolen generations, Bungalow Song, and Melbourne Community Choirs

We evaluated these projects for Opera Australia in 2013. Frances Gordon, Community Partnerships Manager, wrote this:

“You have provided such an insightful and well written evaluation. I am particularly impressed by the depth of responses you received, particularly in light of the context of [the projects]. Overall what you captured reflects our experience on the ground and in conversations as well as providing us with useful insights and things to consider for future projects. Thank you.”

Opera Australia have re-engaged us to evaluate the company’s community partnerships program in 2014.

Evaluation of the Arts Victoria Contemporary and Live Music Development program

We conducted interviews and developed case studies about the impact of the CALMD grants program on the contemporary and live music sector in Victoria.

Case studies of arts organisations engaging digitally with audiences

These case studies are used in Australia and internationally as best practice for audience engagement and market development.

No Boundaries Project Evaluation

We worked with the University of Western Sydney, the Penrith City Council and disability service organisations in Western Sydney to evaluate the “No Boundaries” project in September 2012, surveying audiences, and conducting qualitative interviews and focus groups with about 20 participants and stakeholders. The project involved people with disability working with professional artists to create art, connect with community and overcome social isolation.  You can download the report and appendices here.

Case studies of arts organisation approaches to community relevance – projects and processes

These case studies look at how arts organisations try to incorporate community relevance into their processes, plans, structures and activities. We interviewed artists, arts organisations and community members. This work was commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Impact of digital technology on the major performing arts sector

We developed this paper for the Australian Major Performing Arts Group.  The paper was quoted in the Australian government’s National Cultural Policy discussion paper.

Approaches to evaluating youth arts participation

Deakin University commissioned us to explore international approaches to evaluating youth arts participation.

Case studies of ArtStart funding recipients

We developed eight case studies for the Australia Council for the Arts, based on interviews with grant recipients, arts educators and sector stakeholders.

Evaluation of the Interconnections program, the Managing and Producing Services Initiative and the Digital Culture Fund

These evaluations for the Australia Council for the Arts included review of acquittal data and interviews with artists, company managers, artistic directors and sector peers across Australia.

Australian theatre sector research

This research into the Australian theatre sector led to the National Theatre Forum and new Australia Council funding rounds of $1m over three years.

Evaluation of the Education, Families and Youth programs, Arts Centre Melbourne

We have developed a suite of modular questionnaires for the Arts Centre Melbourne to self-evaluate its multimillion dollar education, families and youth programs.  We conducted focus groups, interviews and triangulated pilot questionnaires to ensure robustness.  The questionnaires are now used as best practice by the Victorian Department of Education and have been used to survey thousands of students.

Local councils e-consultation guide

This guide for local councils on how to use e-consultation for civic engagement is now used by local governments around Australia and internationally.  Jackie presented her findings at the Australian Social Policy Research Conference


Revision and analysis of survey results, “Music for Life” Program, Musica Viva Australia

We revised and redeveloped the “Music for Life” (now called “Viva Voices”) survey tool which was being used to assess health and wellbeing outcomes from the “Music for Life” program. The program was targeted at senior Australians to achieve health and wellbeing improvements. Our task was to re-design the survey so that Musica Viva could answer its key questions, improve participant response rates and the statistical significance of the data.  We also analysed existing survey data to uncover statistically significant results within the indices which Musica Viva’s original partner had constructed.