No Boundaries – Arts and Disability in Western Sydney

We just finished a report with the University of Western Sydney, evaluating the No Boundaries project and community event in Penrith, NSW.  Penrith City Council launched the report at an International Day for People with Disability event at the St Mary’s Arts Precinct, on 3 December 2012.

You can get the report from the No Boundaries website.  The appendices, including survey and interview guides and the data graphs, are yet to be uploaded – if you need them sooner, just drop me an email and I will send it through.

The project was a clear success for participants and audiences.  We looked at dimensions of the audience experience such as emotional response and captivation, and learning about people with disability.  We interviewed participants and carers in-depth to find out how they experienced the project.

The most interesting finding, from our point of view, was the importance of having an event outcome.  Many of the participants and their carers talked about the amazing impact of seeing their work as part of the large-scale projections which artist Cindi Drennan put together for the big, No Boundaries event, held in Penrith on 21 and 22 September 2012.  One person said they came away feeling “five inches taller.”  Participants felt more confident, more appreciated and more acknowledged by the wider community.  Audience members also reported that they were proud of the event happening in Western Sydney and that they learned more about what people with disability are capable of.

A great project.  We hope they can do it again next year.